Cross Timbers – 50M

Cross Timbers – 50 mile

Profile …. X2 …. 7,500′ gain …….this is going to be fun 🙂
Pre-race …. deciding how many layers to start with…..

When one is faced with a life changing situation, naturally the best thing to do is go run a race. That’s how I roll, at least.  So in the

Pre-race layout the night before.

midst of packing up my entire life and moving 1,000 miles away to another state in five days, I entered and ran the Cross Timbers 50 miler.

This race came on my radar last October when

I was crewing/pacing my friend Nic at the 24 the Hard Way race. I ran into and chatted with a friend, Larry Files, who mentioned the Cross Timbers race and had wonderful things to say about it. Originally I was planning to have already been moved by then and didn’t think it would really be an option, but as February rolled around I discovered that the Cross

Friday night sunset.

Timbers race weekend was my last weekend in the Midwest; so, naturally I had to enter.

I drove down Friday morning before the race to help Teresa, the race director. I am thrilled I did since I had the opportunity to meet some truly super amazing people that were helping volunteer at the race.  After helping get everything set up, I grabbed dinner with my friend, Stephan, and relaxed for the night.

The 50 miler kicked off at 6:30 am. It was a very cool start but you could tell it would IMG_2995quickly warm up. The first few miles clicked by quickly as I ran with the two lead guys. By about mile 7 we had separated and I was running as the second runner. Larry’s aid station at mile 10 was a full buffet style aid station; if you wanted it he had it. I hit the turn-around at mile 12.5 at about 8:30. As I was making my way back it was quickly starting to heat up and was time to shed down to the tank top.

I came into the start/finish about 11 am, drank my heed, and took my tissue rejuvenator and prepared for my IMG_3005second lap.  At this point I had about 4,000’ gain on my watch and registered right at 25 miles. During the second lap I began to feel the constant up and down climbs and the heat beginning to take a toll on my body. I pressed on even as my pace slowed.

I was hoping for about a 10 hour finish; however, my legs had a different plan and allowed me an 11 hour finish, which was good for first female and 4th OA.  My Garmin registered about 8,000’ gain and 49.9 miles as I crossed the finish line at 5:30 pm, February 13, to IMG_3011complete the Cross Timbers 50 miler. Overall, a great race that I am glad I decided to run. There were some good climbs and several pretty technical sections.  The aid stations were well stocked and had wonderful volunteers.

IMG_3028During the race I fueled with Hammer Gel and Hammer Heed. I ran the entire race in my Altra Olympus 2.0’s and my Feetures socks. My Julbo sunglasses and TROT hat kept the sun out of my eyes and my Trail Toes lube kept all hot spots at bay. Aid stations were close enough I was able to run and stay well hydrated with my Nathan SpeedDraw bottle.  I

Post race sunset

would like to send a special thanks to Larry to organizing the best aid station I have ever seen and to Teresa for putting on such a fantastic race and allowing me the chance to run in it.